Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grocery Deals 9/26-10/2

Not much that is super great this week (and nothing from Hen House).  There are a few things that I am going to get, and those I have bolded for you.  Here is a link to my favorite coupon site, coupons by dede

Price Chopper

Honeycrisp Apples $1.79-lbs (my FAVORITE apples!)
Campbell's Chicken or Tomato Soup .49 + .40/4 = .39 each, limit 4
Campbell's Chunky Soup 1.67 + $1/4 = $1.42 (not a GREAT deal, but buy a couple of you need soup)
Prego Pasta Sauce $1.99 + .40/2 = $1.79 (not a GREAT deal, but buy a couple if you need them)

Buy 10 Get $10 off (prices show price if you buy can mix and match.  There are many more items to count towards your 10 so check your circular)

Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners .99
Velveeta Shells .99
Philadelphia Cream Cheese .99 (I will buy 10 of these and stick 9 of them in my freezer.  GREAT deal!)
Kraft Fresh Take 1.49 + .75/1 = .74 (I love these and this is a GREAT deal!)
Kraft Shredded Cheese 1.49

2-Day Sale Thursday and Friday

Dozen Eggs .99
Wonder Bread .99
5-lbs flour .99
HV pasta .79


Avocados .25 each
Pineapple 1.29 each
red grapes .79 lbs

Thursday, September 20, 2012

$10 and Under Meals: Chicken Pillows

I love to cook.  It is a huge stress reliever for me to create something new and yummy.  I especially love it when I get to share my cooking with other people.  Nothing quite like the high you get from someone raving over whatever it is you have just prepared.  Unfortunately, cooking can be a fairly expensive habit.  I can't always make something over the budget just won't allow it.  So, I've made it a kind of game to see how little I can spend while still making a yummy dinner for my family.  These are the recipes I will share on this blog.  Today's recipe is a family favorite: Chicken Pillows served with Caesar salad and sweet basil carrots.

Grocery List:

Crescent Rolls, $1.50 (Hen House w/this coupon)
Chicken, $1.49 lb (Hen House)
Cream Cheese, abt $1.50 at Walmart
Green Onions, abt .80
Bread Crumbs, use a couple of slices of bread you already have
Carrots, .99 (HyVee or Hen House)
Dole Caesar Salad Kit $1.66 (HyVee)

Total meal for 4 (or 5) people: $7.05

Chicken Pillows

1-lbs cooked and shredded chicken
8-oz softened cream cheese
1 stalk (not one bunch, but one bulb) green onion, chopped
pinch garlic powder
pinch paprika

Mix these ingredients all together.  The open up your crescent rolls and pull the dough apart into individual pieces.  Place a good spoonful of chicken mixture into center of roll and roll up like you would if you were making a crescent roll.  Place on a greased cookie sheet.

For your breadcrumbs, crumble up your slices of bread into find crumbs.  Season with a little bit of Italian Seasoning herbs.  Put into a bowl.  Press the tops of each chicken pillow into the bread crumbs and place back on to the cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes, or until browned on top.

Sweet Basil Carrots

Slice carrots and either put them into a steamer or just boil them.  Once they are tender, drain and return to the pot.  Put in a little bit of butter and melt to cover carrots.  Add a pinch of salt, some sugar and some dried basil.  Stir until everything is evenly distributed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grocery Deals 9/19-9/25

If you want to start on your 3-months supply of food storage, then you start by shopping the sales at your local grocery stores.  And if you can add coupons to that as well, all the better.  I'm planning on posting each week's grocery deals and any accompanying coupons so you can know when to buy what.

As far as coupons go, I never clip coupons...I always buy them.  In my opinion, it is the only way to go.  I always buy my coupons at Coupons And Things.  If I order my coupons on Wednesday, they get here by Saturday. They have always been very reliable.

I also plan on posting easy recipes that coincide with the weeks sale items.  Look for my super easy, super yummy salsa recipe coming this week (using canned tomatoes), as well as my chicken pillow recipe (using chicken and crescent rolls).

If I miss a sale that you have noticed, by all means, tell me!

Price Chopper

General Mills Cereal $1.79 + $1/3 (that is $1 off of 3 boxes) coupons = $1.46 per box
Keebler Cookies $1.49 + .55/2 = $1.21 per package
Best Choice Diced Tomatoes .49 (I think that is better than Aldi...but I'll have to double check)
Best Choice Canned Beans .49 (again, I think it beats Aldi)

If the tomatoes and beans beat Aldi, then I plan on buying at least 2 flats of each.  These are fantastic food storage items.   If you know Aldi is cheaper, let me know!  I know last time I went, their prices had gone up just a little on these items.


Campbell's Chunky Soup $1.18 + $1/3 = .85!  Stock up for the winter!
General Mills Cereal 3/$9 + $1/3 + get a coupon for $3 off your next shopping trip
Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt $1 + .50/3 = .83
Skippy Peanut Butter $1.98, limit 2.  This isn't the best deal you can get, but it is a good one.  If you need peanut butter, then get 2 of these now.
Ore-Ida frozen potatoes $2.69 + B2G1 + $1/3 = $1.46 per bag
HyVee Apple Juice .99, limit 4

Hen House  (I love Hen House because they double coupons up to .50)

93% lean ground beef 2.99 lbs.  GREAT deal for 93% lean meat.
Post Cereals 2/$5 + either $1/2 or $1/1 =  $2 or $1.50 each
Fresh Bone-In Chicken $1.49 lbs
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 2/$4 + .40/2 doubled = $1.60

Hen House 1 Day Sale, Saturday 22nd

5-lbs Bag Russet Potatoes .99
Farmland Roll Sausage .99
Best Choice Shredded Cheese .99 Tropicana Orange Juice $1.99
2-lbs Bag Carrots .99

In The Beginning...

Lately Todd and I have been watching this show called "Doomsday Preppers".  I'm not gonna lie, it is hysterical!  Oh my goodness.  The things these people do are certifiably crazy...BUT I think there is some method to their madness.  We are surely not going to learn Tagalog just so we can communicate with no one else knowing what we're saying.  Nor are we going to practice "sweeping" our home in the dark...with guns...while tapping morse code.  However, we are going to take action regarding our own emergency preparedness plan:

  • 72-hour kits for the whole family, including evacuation plan
  • 3-month food supply, including water
  • long-term food supply 
  • Financial security
Man...that is A LOT to think about!  It can be a bit overwhelming and easily discouraging.  But, it doesn't have to be.  I'm hoping to make this daunting, yet important, planning more manageable.  I find a lot of comfort in knowing that I am doing all I can to protect my family from what may come.  

I certainly don't have all the answers and would love to hear your ideas about things you do or thoughts you have.  You can leave comments here or email me at